Boards for Bros Partners with Positive Spin, Inc


#boardsforbros is stoked to be partnering with Positive Spin for a board giveaway! Positive Spin has been helping families in Tampa for over a decade. They help distressed families turn trials into triumphs ( Congrats to Mashayla and Ikim for getting your skateboard! More Positive Spin smiles to come soon! #thegiftofskateboarding @spottampa Help Us Today

Tampa Police down for B4B


TPD (Tampa Police Department) is down for B4B... Thanks for the $20 donation! It just so happens Officer D.F. Grew up with Brian Schaefer in Brandon back in the day and used to skate too. #thumbsup and see you Skatepark of Tampa #tampaam Nov. 12-15 #thegiftofskateboarding #makeourdecksroll

Boards for Bros at The Laundry Project

Another amazing day as we partnered with Current Initiatives at their Laundry Project and gave 30 kids the gift of skateboarding. The Skatepark of Tampa team was there in full force along with our Boards for Bros Ambassadors. Huge thanks to all of our supporters who make these giveaways possible. Help us hold more of these events and donate today! Go ahead and hit that Dinate button!

eBay helps Boards for Bros



Would YOU like to put something up for auction and share the proceeds with Boards for Bros? It's easy!! Go to the link below and follow the instructions. On eBay? make sure you visit this page and pick Boards for Bros as your FAVORITE CHARITY and you will get updates when items go up for auction that benefit us. Thank you eBay and eBay for Charity US

Get Ready to Help Us!


Got our skateboard order from Santa today! Help #makeourdecksroll by donating and get ready to help us build on November 21 and December 5! Volunteer email with details going out soon. Sign up for more info by emailing your contact info to #boardsforbros #thegiftofskateboarding 

SPoT B4B Ambassadors at work!

As the official charity of Skatepark of Tampa we are lucky to have the SPoT team as ambassadors spreading the #boardsforbros mission to give #thegiftofskateboarding to kids who couldn't afford it otherwise. Chris Monte and Pat Daily are out there changing lives one skateboard at a time! Help us do this every day! Please donate

Help us #makeourdecksroll


Help us help get kids outside to learn and grow! Stop by @spottampa and drop your donations off with the shop staff or visit and help us purchase much needed supplies to #makeourdecksroll 

Be A Bearing


Ever try to skate when you are missing a tiny bearing? The smallest part of your board can make a huge difference. When we help anyone (donations, holding doors open, smiling) your little action can have a huge impact. Go to if you want some ideas about how you can be a "bearing" and help #makeourdecksroll #boardsforbros #skatershelpingskaters #thegiftofskateboarding

Thank You Gage!


Stoked to get this awesome @knowgood_hardware donation from @gageboyle He killed it at the Damn Am in Costa Mesa and dropped off his donation with the @spottampa team. Now this hardware will help #makeourdecksroll right away! #skatershelpingskaters #thankyouskateboarding #thegiftofskateboarding 📷 the awesome @bartjones

Sweaty Dungeon Build Accomplished


Our last build day was cut short by lightning, pouring rain and some problems with our trucks. Luckily Woody and Joel figured out a fix and got together in the @spottampa Dungeon this morning and with Connor's help, we fixed the problem and put the finishing touches on 78 completes. More build days to come as soon as we get more supplies ordered #makeourdecksroll #boardsforbros #thegiftofskateboarding