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We are skateboarders and caring individuals giving ALL kids a chance to have their very own first skateboard.
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Your support allows us to purchase equipment for our projects. For every $20 donated, we can build a complete deck.
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Upcoming Events

Charity Art Show Benefiting Boards for Bros NY

Charity Art Show Benefiting Boards for Bros NY

Mar 23, 8:00pm - Mar 23, 7:00pm

Gallery Sensei
135 Eldridge St
New York, NY  10002 Map

Stop By Sensei Gallery Bar and help us raise money for Boards for Bros NY! Art from Lucas Beaufort, Dylan Goldberger, Cory Scroggins, Chris McDonald, Katie Bacon, Matt Budjinski, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Chris Miller, Max Mueller, Gnarmads & more!

Skate Jam and Board Giveaway

Skate Jam and Board Giveaway

Mar 24, 11:00am - Mar 24, 1:00pm

181 Skatepark, 2401 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY

Skate Jam, board distribution! Hang out, skate, make friends, learn more about Boards for Bros and our plans for NYC!

Afterparty at Bar 180 - 4241 Broadway, NY

Divine Decks Opening Night

Divine Decks Opening Night

Mar 30, 7:00pm - Mar 30, 9:00pm

USF Contemporary Art Museum
3821 Holly Dr
Tampa, FL  33612 Map

Boards for Bros family! Let's all attend and support artist Zakriya Rabani at the opening of his MFA Graduation Exhibition. Zak has worked with Boards for Bros donated decks and created something really special with his Divine Decks project.

Zak's art will be presented along with Samir Bernardez, Gloria Ceren, Will Douglas, Ben Galaday, Nestor Caparros Martin, Zakriya Rabani, and Kim Turner-Smith.

This event is free and open to the public. For additional event information, please visit cam.usf.edu/ and please follow Zak on instagram @flow_zak