Sponsor A Build

Everything we do is scalable and portable. Depending on your budget, we can facilitate events that range from building 20 to 200+ skateboards and we may be able to set up your build at your place of work or site of your choosing. We have helped individuals set up community service events for workplace team-building, Eagle Scout service, Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects and birthday parties. The possibilities are endless!

What will it cost?

We need assistance covering the costs we incur in refurbishing our skateboards. We receive numerous deck donations but we typically need to purchase new trucks, wheels, and bearings to make our donated decks roll. By sponsoring a build, you are helping us cover the cost of making a high-quality refurbished skateboard. Thanks to our supporters and sponsors, $20 buys us the supplies we need to make a complete skateboard (of course, these prices may go up or down according to the market). For example, sponsoring a 50 board build would likely cost approximately $1,000.

The Build Event

Birthday parties, corporate team building, neighborhood block parties! The possibilities are endless! Anyone can build a skateboard – it is an activity that can be cross-generational and super fun. We will work with you to make your build event memorable and rewarding. Not interested in building the skateboards? That’s fine with us! We always have volunteers ready, willing and able to take care of that job. Either way we will provide photos of your donation and tell you exactly where and when your skateboards will be distributed in your community. Want the boards to go to your favorite youth-centered nonprofit? We will work with you to make that happen.

The Distribution Day

As a sponsor, you helped us get the missing pieces we needed to make a complete skateboard and you helped us assemble them now you can assist with the distribution! Your sponsorship will get you an invite to our amazing distribution events when we give the gift of skateboarding to kids who need it in their lives. Additionally, we can customize our events to feature your company or volunteer group. We can work with you to make sure your event is exactly the way you would like it to be.

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